ĉirkaŭ mi

ĉirkaŭ mi in english mean about me !!

Esperanto is my language ok !!!

my English is bad but if you want to read this blog or contact me you must learn farsi or Esperanto !!!!

Sooth if you want contact to world you need to learn a lot of different language

but you can learn a international language and it very easy


I iranian and my  vernacular is farsi !!! but my international language is Esperanto
name Abdollah and age is 20 ok

you are my friend and i love you !!!  in Esperanti (vi estas mia amiko kaj mi amas vi)

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  • 1. fajro  |  Oktobro 20, 2006 je 2:25 ptm


    Bonvenon al WordPress.com!




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