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what is Esperanto ?

Esperanto is a language created for people who speak different native
languages. It is neutral, international and easy to learn.

It is approximately seven times easier to learn than English, and up to
ten times easier to learn than some other languages. It is a complete
language; able to produce fully an equivalent to any statement made in
any language.

hey man it’s a good choice !!!

Esperanto is designed to be an “international” language, a second language for everyone. So, if New Zealanders want to speak with Greeks, or if someone from Mexico wants to speak with someone from Kuwait, there is no need to learn a lot of different languages. If we all could speak Esperanto besides our own mother tongue, then it would be so much easier to communicate and share ideas and friendship.

ye you can start now and learn Esperanto yeeeee you a Esperantriso now

you can learn Esperanto free in 2 week !!. it’s easy !! and useful —>in esperanto say (kaj utila) !!!

vi nun mia amiko !!! ——> mean ( you now my friend ) !!

hurry up too easy , contact to mondo oh excuse world !!!

you can read more about Esperanto in here and here and here and here & tie ĉi

and you can learn Esperanto in tie ĉi !!!

good luck

Oktobro 20, 2006 at 11:49 atm 3 komentoj

ni amas vi !!

mi esperanto blogo !!

Esperanto , The easy neuter international language for all , for easy relation between nation ... for peace !!

If you like to read my weblog you may learn Esperanto

شما ميتوانيد به راحتي و با كمترين هزينه اسپرانتو را ياد گرفته و وارد دنياي جديدي شويد


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